Reaching highly qualified advisors who are looking for ways to grow their business, InsuranceWebX has created a growing online source for insightful sales and marketing training provided by the most recognized experts in the industry.


By using our digital recruiting services you gain access to our national database of licensed life, annuity, health and financial producers through a proprietary approach that combines email, text messages, and exposure on, in addition to our extensive social network partners and connections.


What is your recruiting challenge? Do you need to fill a webinar or live event? Do you need to announce a new life/annuity/health product and want to drive up your number of contracted producers?If you don't have the time or the resources, we make the time and schedule it for you. If you don't have the resources, our strategic copywriting approach is there for you: we can help you come up with the the absolute best offer, download or promotion through our experienced creative team.


In addition, you can use our PR X-Posure Service for your latest product, service or program to ensure you get the word out to every major insurance and financial media trade publication in the marketplace. 

Our customers (such as IMOs, BGAs, carriers and other firms) have the opportunity to select customizable campaign packages leveraging our wide array of services. This encompasses each client's individually ideal combination of scheduled email blasts, fully developed press releases, featured real estate in the Mentor Center (a $50,000 value), plus a-la carte branding services and creative strategies.


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  • Copywriting and design services using our proprietary IWX templates 
    that employ a strategic process to maximize deliverability 
    and the results generated on your campaign.

  • Value-added strategy calls to go over your planned message or webinar, and the unparalleled advantage of our knowledge and expertise on what works and what doesn't. This can save you thousands of wasted marketing dollars doing this on your own

  • The best webinar/event building opportunity in the industry.
    Through our email campaigns we often see show rates for
    webinars and presentations in the 65%+ range, beating the averages. 

" When I first started advertising with InsuranceWebX I had a small marketing list. Once I started sharing my content through their network,
I was able to grow my list fast and bring a lot of new clients on-board. The best thing about working with Matt and his team is the quality of their audience and their unmatched market focus: I am advertising to exactly the right audience of insurance agents and financial advisors."


Philip Meese, President

Slipstream Advisor Marketing

" We at Mojo Global have been a happy, satisfied client for 3 years with InsuranceWebX . We consistently receive an impressive ROI, month after month after month! InsuranceWebX is a company of integrity, with a great audience with viable prospects. I would highly recommend them to be part of your marketing! "

Ira Rosen, Founding Partner
Mojo Global



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"Working with InsuranceWebX and especially Matt Pardine has been a great investment for Life Insurance Settlements, Inc. When making any investment, you’re always looking for a return and results as it applies to marketing, and InsuranceWebX delivers on both fronts. Matt is always in my face (or my screen) about upcoming blasts and webinars, and I need that! More importantly, he helps LIS, Inc. deliver the cleanest, clearest and best call to action for each initiative. In a world of the *five second soundbite*, Matt really knows his craft and makes each marketing effort pay off. On top of all that, Matt is a terrific guy and always willing to lend a hand. We strongly recommend InsuranceWebX and Matt Pardine."

Rob Haynie

Managing Director

Life Insurance Settlements, Inc.

a few words from our Customers



“Stratus Funding, a subsidiary of J.G. Wentworth, is focused on helping annuity owners with liquidity by working through their advisors and agents. We needed a marketing channel to help us deliver our message to advisors and agents as well as the insurance community.  InsuranceWebX and Matt’s team, through their marketing and webinar platforms, were able to help us promote and create the engagement we are looking for.  Their marketing expertise and guidance along the way has been very helpful to us as we create the awareness amongst our target audience. – John Zepeda”


John P. Zepeda

Director of Business Development

Stratus Funding