The i-Series is a proven, total branding process that features 4 categories of creative and strategic support. At its core, the i-Series program provides a full menu of services, from a brand audit and competitive review, to strategic recommendations, to copywriting and design, to the development of your core brand messages, value proposition, positioning statements, logo and tagline design, web site, marketing materials and more.

your marketplace.

"InsuranceWebX was crucial in helping us build the Seminar Strategies 360 brand while providing us with access to an exceptional national database to help us fill our live event with qualified producers. From A to Z, start to finish, InsuranceWebX was helpful, creative, strategic and helped us bring the Seminar Strategies 360 approach to the attention of the industry. Through their unique email and text message approach we were able to aggressively market our message with great results. We highly recommend the InsuranceWebX solution to any organization looking to recruit the best producers in the business."


        John McDermott       

VP, Senior Advisor Consultant

Seminar Strategies 360

the 4 stages of the 


Take advantage of our brand agency-quality 4-step program to maximize your message, repositioned company, or new product or service. 

Full brand audit and review of all existing marketing materials and approaches including research on external best-practices of other firms in the market space. Included is extensive trademark and patent research, web site URL and additional administrative checks.

Professional, extensive strategic recommendations based on the brand audit, including what we found, what we recommend and establishing the value proposition and positioning statements for  the revised, enhanced, or newly created (for those not re-branding).

Creative, professional, high-end logo and brand tagline/positioning development and  design across all applications of the brand - from marketing collateral, to stationary, to web site  application, to digital marketing efforts; creative sub-branded targeted agent programs or unique  services to establish your leadership in any particular niche.

Strategic and creative marketing communications and PR support -- announcing the  brand, utilizing email marketing and PR to leverage the brand's "stickiness" to maximize top-of-mind  awareness and generate business. Included in this stage is assistance in marketing out your message and getting the word out for your brand through a combination of PR and email marketing support. 

The i-Series is the most comprehensive, full-service branding service platform available in the industry today that focuses solely on financial services and insurance firms who want the highest in professional, strategic B2B branding services and support for your new company, product, re-brand, or program launch.


Sample Branding/Creative Campaign Design Campaigns

seminar strategies 360

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advisors ignite

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ausperity brand web page.png
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press release services


A new business-building opportunity designed to drive maximum exposure for your products and services to the insurance and financial services industry.

The press release is created by one of the top PR strategists in our industry. As a huge brand driver, the PR positions you or your firm as an authority and as an industry thought leader. Using InsuranceWebX, you can take advantage of our newswire expertise and distribution services. 

  • Creation of a professional, high-quality, compelling press release (400 words) for your products, services, etc. Completely customized and branded with your company's information.

  • SEO-optimized, using select keywording that helps backlink to your web site and gets the word out on Google to provide value-added,

  • Comprehensive, highly targeted media outlet selection using a hand-picked approach combined with an advanced "PR Hits" tool that ensures maximum PR exposure with the right editors.

  • Real-time updates on all media hits you are receiving so you can see the media outlets picking up your message.

  • Exclusive "Drip" strategy that includes a follow-up message and script you can use to share and reinforce your exposure to your constituents.


creatively developed.
strategically distributed.

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" We've tried many other well-recognized advisor lead providers in the industry, and to date InsuranceWebX continues to outperform them in both quantity we receive and the quality of the producers we speak with. When it comes to getting the word out about a new annuity product, or promoting one of our programs or offers, we always think of InsuranceWebX first as the best go-to source for generating exceptional agent recruiting results. Time after time, using InsuranceWebX gives our marketing team a steady pipeline of fresh names to work with, and we greatly appreciate the strategic support and insight they provide into what's working best to ensure the success of our marketing efforts."

Bruce K. Nelson, ChFC, LUTCF

National Sales Director

Safe Harbor Financial, Inc.